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john + changing subjects aka just answer the fucking question john

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It’s a bit like being President of the United States, I like to think. You still get called “Mr. President” after you’ve left and I still… A couple of times a day, someone addresses me as Doctor. (x)

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“I mean, that’s the reason he’ll never win, because he’s motivated by hate and the haters never win. I just think that’s true about life, because negative energy always costs in the end.” — Tom Hiddleston

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Tom nominating Rupert. x

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And we’re here why? A deputy sheriff laid eyes on the archangel. And he still has eyes? All right, what’s the plan? We’ll… tell the officer that he witnessed an angel of the Lord, and the officer will tell us where the angel is. Seriously? You’re going to walk in there and tell him the truth? Why not?

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i just remembered people with penises can’t have multiple consecutive orgasms ohhjhhh my g OD HAHAHAHHKDFHAH

Well people with vaginas have periods so I think y’all deserve all the orgasms you want

that’s….really sweet… omfg

This post is also inclusive of transgender people this is the most positive post be seen all week


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Bradley James & Katie McGrath do the ALS ice bucket challenge [x][x]

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saturday is my new favourite day of the week